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A prominent manufacturer of Gulab Namkeen Packaging Pouch, Bhavya Ratlami Sev Printed Packaging Pouch, Delicious Divine Vanilla Printed Packaging Pouch, etc.

Multicolor Flexi Pack was founded in 2002 and initially focused on the commerce industry. We were early to realise the possibilities for Manufacturing in 2011, and its specific application to big format printing for both 2 and 3 layers using PET, BOPP, and paper, from this perspective. Later in 2015, under the name Multicolor Print Pack, we modified our business model and moved to our own facilities with brand new high-tech technology. Our offered range includes Kaushik Chilli Powder Printed Packaging Pouch, JKK Jannat Flora Sticks Printed Packaging Pouch, Coconut Sweet Crunch Printed Packaging Pouch, etc. We are known as a reliable manufacturer. 

For more than 7 years, Multicolor has been providing large format Roto Gravure printing services to some of India's most prominent firms. Our talented Production Team has demonstrated their worth by satisfying the expectations of our top clients for custom-made products. Designing and re-designing, image layout and artwork creation, colour management, and coral file processing are among the services offered. For best-in-class performance, two sets of high-speed machines are available. Matte, glossy, 3D, and Window with metalized coatings are among the options. For accurate results, printing machines are equipped with cutting-edge technology such as an auto control system and high-resolution online video.


Our creations find their usage in different verticals such as:

  • Confectionery industry
  • Detergent Industry
  • Fryums Industry
  • Flour and Wheat industry
  • Oil Industry
  • Agro Industry
  • Pharma Industry
  • Pan Masala (Mukhwas) Industry
  • Spices Industry
  • Seeds Industry
  • Tobacco industry
  • Tea Industry

Our Infrastructure 

We have two rotogravure printing machines, each with eight colour units and a printing width of 1000 mm. The machine is fitted with an ARC (Auto Registration Control System) that allows it to produce best-in-class quality with the least amount of manpower. Both machines print at a high pace of 200 metres per minute. Both machines have five driving systems, which improve performance and coordination. These two machines are used for reverse and surface printing. Solvent Less and Solvent Base are the two types of lamination machines we have. Our Solvent Less machine is the best in class, with cutting-edge technology and a high-speed (350 m/min) laminater for high-volume applications. Our Solvent Base Lamination Machine is ideal for Atta jobs and high Micron Poly Laminates. In a solvent-based machine, most technical and sophisticated films can be produced. Plastic films are laminated to a maximum of three layers with plastic films or aluminium foil at widths up to 1000mm.